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A word from Dr Ifriky Tadadjeu about "Think and Sing"

Why should you care about this course?

Are you a professional singer? A beginner? An amateur? It does not matter your style or genre. This is why you should care about this course!


    After assimilating this course you should know how to pay attention to your body and sing in a safe way so that you do not get injured


    When you complete this course you should be more confident in your vocal instrument for what it actually is, as opposed to what you may think it is or what you may wish it to be.


    Key to this course is the understanding of how your body works as a music/vocal instrument. At the end, you should know how to train and exercise so that you gain in resistance and stamina. This will allow you to sing for much longer without tiring your voice.

by Sandrine Nnanga (Professional singer / song writer)

Ifriky, Thank you for freeing my voice

by Sandrine Nnanga (Professional singer / song writer)

"Hello Ifriky. Today I would like to express my greatest gratitude to you. Thanks to the voice training sessions that I have had with you, I found my voice. Your well designed exercises in various styles have freed my hidden voice. Your approach certainly requires a lot of hard work but it is definitely feasible. It is indispensable for any singer because it leads to a higher self concept, as well as overcoming fears and inhibitions. Once again, thank you Ifriky for this journey and the magic it operates. Indeed, in a warm working environment, my voice has settled."

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